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Life Insurance

Could your family afford to pay up to $16,000* for your funeral, make the mortgage payments, pay college tuition, or pay monthly bills with the loss of your income?

There’s no pretty way to say it – everybody will die – it’s just a matter of when. What if you become injured and can’t work? Who will pay your end of life medical care expenses? Make time to find an affordable plan that’s right for you!

Supplemental Health Insurance

The first question people are asked at the doctor or hospital is not “Where does it hurt,” but rather, “Do you have insurance? 

Supplement your major medical/primary health insurance with a Liberty National Policy. For example, if you have a family history of cancer, you could purchase a supplemental cancer policy to help pay for expenses your primary policy may not cover, like experimental treatments.

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Two Basic Types of Life Insurance

Whole Life Insurance

  • It can provide coverage for your entire life and also builds cash and loan value with premium payments
  • Premiums never increase and coverage never decreases
  • Whole life is generally more expensive than term life insurance because coverage lasts a life time

Term Life Insurance

  • Provides coverage for a limited period of time
  • After that period, policyholders typically pay increased premiums to continue coverage
  • Term life insurance is usually less expensive than whole life insurance

Supplemental Health and Accident
Insurance Options

  • Cancer Endurance
  • Cash Cancer
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Hospital Intensive Care Insurance
  • Hospital Accident Insurance
  • Accident Protector Max


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